l u n a p e n d i u m
Ash posted a question on the forum about the mysterious words at the beginning of I Have The Touch.
Good question, I'm not sure, but here is some research material and a possibility or two.
I Have The Touch - mystery?
Ash mentioned the "studio" version, so I listened to the Security version first.
"I Have The Touch" - version from Security [clip]
This version does not have the mystery words.
Next I tried the '85 remix version.
"I Have The Touch" - 85 remix version [clip]
This version does not have the mystery words either.
Lastly I tried the version from the Phenomenon soundtrack.
"I Have The Touch" - Phenomenon version [clip]
There it is! Sounds like four words before the first notes.
Next I isolated the four words.
Mystery Words - unedited
What the heck is that?
I tried reversing the entire section.
Mystery Words - reversed
I think it sounds more like words here, but somehow out of order.
Then I left the four "words" in the original order and reversed the words individually.
Mystery Words - reversed in order
Now it's starting to sound like something to me.
Lastly I tried applying Pitch and Speed filters and equalizing the clip to get it to sound a bit more "normal".
Mystery Words - Filtered
OK, to me, it sounds like "I Miss You All" or "I Miss You Paul".
Could this be an answer to the "I Buried Paul" backwards words at the end of "Strawberry Fields" from The Beatles "Paul Is Dead" lore?
Any other interpretations or ideas out there?
Update! Mystery Solved(?): one...two...three...four... (D'oh!)